Colonel Munford resented being under the command of General Thomas Rosser, a man he once outranked. After the war, Munford and Rosser feuded for the remainder of their lives. Rosser even challenged Munford to a duel, but Munford declined.
Colonel Thomas T. Munford
Colonel Thomas Taylor Munford
Commanded 2nd Virginia Cavalry and
at the brigade and division levels
as the war progressed.

Photo courtesy Virginia Military Institute Archives 
Photo 3-Stonewall Jackson.tiff
Major Thomas Jonathan Jackson at VMI

"I will give my impression of this grand, gloomy and peculiarly good man and great soldier as he then appeared to me, to grow on me, and I flatter myself to have had the extraordinary advantages to learn to honor and to respect and to love him."

–Thomas T. Munford, speaking of Maj. Thomas Jonathan Jackson

Photo 16-General William H Payne.tif
Brig. Gen. William H. Payne
        When Brig. Gen. Williams C. Wickham resigned his commission on October 5, 1864, to take his seat in the Confederate Congress, division commander Major General Thomas L. Rosser made sure that Colonel William H. Payne replaced Wickham. Rosser hated Colonel Thomas T. Munford and bypassed him when nominating Payne. Munford had been senior to Payne all along, but that didn't matter to Rosser. Payne got the promotion to brigade commander.
        Payne was a good soldier and commander. Reportedly, Munford made a disparaging remark about Payne getting the promotion, and Payne challenged Munford to a duel. Tensions were eased with an exchange of letters, and a duel was averted. Payne and Mumford were on friendly terms after the war.