Pre-Order Form for Unhonored Sercive: The Life of Lee's Senior Cavalry Commmander, Colonel Thomas Taylor Munford, CSA. 

I will be taking pre-orders when the book goes to the printer (about 5 weeks before release). The release is expected in November 2021. The price is $?????? per book, autographed by the author, if you desire. Shipping is free upon release. As soon as I receive the books from the Publisher, I will ship! Stay tuned to this page for updates.  Sheridan R. Barringer


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If you wish to pay using Paypal, add $3. Please contact me ( for my Paypal account information.  At some point, I will try to add credit card payment as an option.

Books will be shipped when received (expected late late August 2019). Thank you. I know you will enjoy this full biography of Colonel Thomas Munford.